OpenRC update: simplifying OpenRC scripts

We’ve made some changes to our FreeBSD ports tree, and want to update our awesome contributors on these improvements. There is now a new overlay structure for handling OpenRC specific changes. These changes allow us to more efficiently sync from upstream FreeBSD...

Community Spotlight: The Basics of using ZFS with TrueOS

This week, we want to spotlight a very helpful thread created by Discourse user robgriff444 in order to help our new users familiarize themselves with ZFS and use it with TrueOS. The TrueOS devs want to thank robgriff444 for the outstanding contribution to our...

TrueOS Security and Wikileaks revelations

Recently, Wikileaks released a large number of documents detailing system exploits the US Intelligence community uses to gain information from or otherwise monitor individuals. Because of this, we are seeing increased concerns about TrueOS security. We thought it best...

Sneak Peek: Automounting updates

The next TrueOS STABLE will include more improvements to the automounter.  Autofs is reconfigured to mount by device id, and is switched over to an XDG standard to allow future device actions for media. This frees us to accomplish things such as ejecting optical media...

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