Milestone Complete! OpenRC conversion

The OpenRC conversion project is done! Over one thousand script/port conversions are complete, and all will be available in the TrueOS UNSTABLE and STABLE tracks soon. The project wants to extend a huge thank you to all those who contributed to completing this...

TrueOS Documentation: A great way to give back!

The TrueOS project is always looking for community contribution. Documentation changes are a great way for users to not only make a solid contribution to the project, but learn more about it too! Over the last few months, many users have asked for both simple and...

Update to Fix Updating

A new, very small hotfix to the update mechanism released today/yesterday. We believe there was breakage from the ino64 FreeBSD work merged into UNSTABLE that was causing TrueOS updater issues. After some heavy tinkering, the patch to fix the updater is functional and...

TrueOS UNSTABLE Update: 7/14/17

A new UNSTABLE update for TrueOS is available! Released regularly, UNSTABLE updates are the full “rolling release” of TrueOS. UNSTABLE includes experimental features, bugfixes, and other CURRENT FreeBSD work. It is meant to be used by those users...

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