Hopefully, many of you are enjoying the STABLE release from last week. Things may be a bit slower this week, as TrueOS developers are attending two different conferences:




The 14th annual BSD Canada conference is June 9-10 at the beautiful University of Ottowa campus. TrueOS Founder Kris Moore, Senior Developer Ken Moore, Technical Documentation Manager Dru Lavigne, and Technical Writer Tim Moore are all attending this year. Ken Moore will be giving a presentation about SysAdm, but be sure to ask him when the new Lumina Window Manager is being released. Also, we can usually be found near the iX Systems booth, so stop by and say “hello”!




The SouthEast Linux Fest runs from June 9-11 at the Charlotte Airport Sheraton. Attending this year are TrueOS Lead Systems Architect Joe Maloney, Website Developer and Community Moderator Josh Smith, and TrueOS/Lumina Developer J.T. Pennington. Joe and Josh will be giving a presentation about TrueOS during the conference.


We hope you can stop by and talk TrueOS/Open Source with us at these conferences. If not, we should be back to answering your questions and fixing bugs at full speed in about a week! Thanks for using TrueOS and being the best Open Source community!