We’ve had quite a few changes over the past month, and we wanted to clue everyone in on all the happenings.



Office Change


Most of the TrueOS developers work for iX Systems in their Tennessee office. Last month, the Tennessee office was moved to a different location across town. As part of the move, we need to move all our servers. We’re still getting some of the infrastructure sorted before moving the servers, so please bear with us as we continue this process.

Another update is the addition of Zack to the team! Zack is a summer intern who will be working on our Qt projects and other general work for TrueOS. He’s already hit the ground running by doing some badly needed OpenRC conversions, but a warm welcome to Zack as he works with us over this summer!


TrueOS STABLE change


As we’ve continued working on TrueOS, we’ve heard a significant portion of the community asking for a more stable “STABLE” release of TrueOS, maybe something akin to an old PC-BSD version release. In order to meet that need, we’re redefining the TrueOS STABLE branch a bit. STABLE releases are now expected to follow a six month schedule, with more testing and lots of polish between releases. This gives users the option to step back a little from the “cutting edge” of development, but still enjoy many of the benefits of the “rolling release” style and the useful elements of FreeBSD Current.

Critical updates like emergency patches and utility bug fixes are still expected to be pushed to STABLE on a case-by-case basis, but again with more testing and polish. This also applies to version updates of the Lumina and SysAdm projects. New, released work from those projects will be tested and added to STABLE outside the 6 month window as well.

The UNSTABLE branch continues to be our experimental “cutting edge” track, and users who want to follow along with our development and help us or FreeBSD test new features are still encouraged to follow the UNSTABLE track by checking that setting in their TrueOS Update Manager.

Currently, we are looking to release both STABLE and UNSTABLE updates sometime next week. Stay tuned for that announcement!


RC vs OpenRC: Why not both?


As TrueOS evolves, it is becoming clearer that one role of the system is to function as a “test platform” for FreeBSD. In order to better serve this role, TrueOS will support both OpenRC and the FreeBSD RC init systems, giving users the choice to use either system. While the full functionality isn’t quite ready for the next STABLE update, it is planned for addition after the last bit of work and testing is complete. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post with all the details of this change, along with instructions how to switch between RC and OpenRC.

Once again, we want to thank all our awesome contributors and users!