The latest (12/12) unstable updates to TrueOS also adds options to adjust input device settings in Lumina. The GUI tool reproduces the settings created by xinput, using the xinput library. To adjust an input device within the GUI, navigate Start Menu → Preferences → Configure Desktop → User Settings/Input Device Settings. Using the context menu, right-click the desktop and navigate Preferences → All Desktop Settings → Input Device Settings.


The first element typically seen is the configuration tab for a connected keyboard. There isn’t anything too exciting here, primarily enable/disable toggles for master and extension devices. I just use a generic USB keyboard with no extra bells or whistles, so most of the toggles don’t appear to actually do anything, except “Extension Device #3”, which will disable my keyboard completely. I found the mouse settings more useful.


In this screen, I have one USB mouse connected to my system. The button labels show all the detected buttons, but you may need to hover over the item or expand the window to view all the reporting labels. I found adjusting the “Device Accel Profile” and “Device Accel Velocity Scaling” settings to be the most useful. Be careful with the enable/disable button – I pressed it accidentally and had a wonderful time trying to get my mouse back. The wiki has a good page describing the different settings and profiles available for tweaking.

This tool is still very much “in development” and will have improved functionality. Future improvements include fixing a bug preventing detection of more than one USB mouse input (including laptop touchpads), and a simple bugfix for the tool to detect when a keyboard input is trying to reactivate a mouse input.

I really appreciate (finally) being able to quickly adjust these input settings, and am looking forward to upcoming functionality improvements. This tool should be available as part of the “stable” TrueOS update going out soon (if not already), so be sure to give it a look and let us know about any recommended changes or additions!