24 years ago, the name “FreeBSD” was agreed upon for the project many of us know and love. We’re celebrating this great open-source project’s history and impact by participating in National FreeBSD Day!


What is FreeBSD?


FreeBSD is an open-source operating system used around the world in both business and home environments. With the permissive BSD license <LINK>, FreeBSD can be freely used by companies or individuals alike. Many people use or interact with FreeBSD on a daily basis, whether through apps on their cell phone, watching videos online, or playing games on the latest and greatest video game console.

The FreeBSD Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports all things FreeBSD, has all the information you could want (and more!) about National FreeBSD Day. Here are their suggestions to help celebrate FreeBSD on June 19:


If you love FreeBSD as much as we do, help us celebrate the launch of your favorite open source operating system by doing the following:

  • Introducing someone to FreeBSD or hosting an Install-a-thon with your local meetup group
    • From TrueOS to FreeBSD on Virtual Box to Installing Ports, you can find a number of how-tos here.
    • Read more about the history of FreeBSD here.
    • Check out the list of companies using and products based on FreeBSD.
  • Helping to promote the day by printing and distributing the poster.
  • Sending us stories of how your company uses FreeBSD to great success
  • Telling us why you love FreeBSD using #FreeBSDDay on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts


FreeBSD and TrueOS


FreeBSD is the heart of TrueOS. The work that goes into FreeBSD flows into TrueOS with every STABLE update (sometimes sooner). For many years, the TrueOS has worked closely with the FreeBSD project, giving back to FreeBSD by “upstreaming”, offering patches or new features to include in the base project. TrueOS Founder Kris Moore is serving on the FreeBSD CORE team, working hard to strengthen and help guide the FreeBSD project.

For our part, we’ll be hosting a FreeBSD and/or TrueOS installathon Monday, June 19th at the iX Systems Tennessee office. If you are in the East Tennessee area and want to take part in the installathon on June 19, contact joshms@ixsystems.com.