This week, the TrueOS developers/contributors are introducing a new suite of utilities for jail management. These tools are designed to create standard package base jails from TrueOS with OpenRC support. This provides a quick way to test OpenRC functionality within a jail.

Here are the new utilities:

  • jbootstrap (requires being run once to fetch base packages)
  • jinit
  • jdestroy

Man pages (man <jinit, jdestroy, jbootstrap> are available for reference while using these utilities.

These tools allow creating a simple jail configuration for those systems where increased complexity is unnecessary. Additionally, these utilities provide OpenRC support within a jail for development purposes. They were written to fill the gaps in functionality from jls and jexec, without having to manually bootstrap jails.


For networking, only ipv4 alias addresses are supported by the jinit utility. However, networking can be skipped with jinit, and the user can modify the jail configuration in /etc/conf.d in order to enable more advanced options such as VIMAGE as well.  Any other standard jails option supported by FreeBSD can be added to the jail configuration file.

We still recommend iocage for advanced workloads, more complicated networking setups, plugins, xjails, and other versions of the stock FreeBSD distribution.  Looking to the future, the developers/contributors are planning for any future warden replacement to be based on iocage.


Want to help shape TrueOS jails and general development? Jump into any of our community channels and let us know what you think! You can also contribute directly, shaping TrueOS for the future.