A fresh ISO and STABLE package set is available! We’ve got some exciting new features in this release as well as some important fixes.

New Features


  • Refind and the FreeBSD Bootloader replace Grub. Conveniently, this change not only improves support for Apple devices, but also improves the dual boot experience between other OS’s when using EFI. Here are some instructions (also available on Discourse) to help you migrate from Grub to the BSD loader:

(Replace <ada0> with your disk device)

  1. gpart modify -t freebsd-boot -i 1 <ada0>
  2. gpart resize -s 128k -i 1 <ada0>
  3. gpart bootcode -b /boot/pmbr -p /boot/gptzfsboot -i 1 <ada0>


  • The BSD loader menu is improved. Now, the new menu is simplified into three choices: Boot, Advanced Options, and Boot-Environments. As a result, this cleaner approach simplifies setting boot-time options.




  • The EARLY_AP_STARTUP kernel option is now disabled. This caused problems for various systems at boot.


  • By default, the Intel modesetting driver installs with acceleration options enabled. Previously, disabling these options improved system stability and prevented screen artifacts or window redraw problems. However, recent changes to the driver improve stability enough for us to change the default settings.


  • Working power management for a larger subset of hardware as a result of the drm improvements.


  • There are numerous small bugfixes to Lumina, SysAdm, and TrueOS meant to improve stability and performance.


  • Additional fixes and improvements to the new Automounter system.




  • There is a FreeBSD bug upstream that affects displaying boot environments. First, one workaround is to use the beadm CLI utility during an active session to “activate” an alternate boot environment for the next system boot. Alternately, use the SysAdm Boot Environment Manager to choose and “Activate BE” for the next boot. Finally, we do have a ticket in the trueos-core repository to track the FreeBSD bug.


  • GELI encryption is not working with EFI. Presently, there is an experimental patch that is still under review. Consequently, we want to give the work more time to mature before we pull the patch into TrueOS. Follow this issue by watching the appropriate ticket on GitHub.