We want to update everyone this week on a few upcoming and very exciting changes.


Build Server Instability



The much-abused TrueOS build server is experiencing some technical difficulties, slowing down building new packages and releasing updates. After some investigation, one problem seemed to be a bug with the Poudriere port building software. After updating builders to the new version, some of the instability is resolved. Thankfully, we won’t have to rely on this server so much, because…


We’re getting new hardware!


A TrueOS/Lumina contributor is donating a new(ish) server to the project. Special thanks to TrueOS contributor/developer q5sys for the awesome new hardware! Here’s a brief rundown of the new server:

  HP DL 580 G7
  Includes Optional I/O Expansion Motherboard
  Includes SPI Board
  4x Intel Xeon E7-4870 (2.4Ghz 10 Core – 20 Thread / 24MB) Processor = 40 Core, 80 thread system
  196 Gb DDR3 PC#-10600 ECC Registered Max=2TB with 64 Total DIMMS
Controller Card: 
  HP Smart Array P410i
HP Smart Array P812 / 1G FBWC Controller
  HP 785GB MLC G2 PCIe Fusion ioDrive2 SSD 673644-B21
  8x 73gb 15K SAS 2.5″ HDD
  Intel EXPI9024PTBLK PRO/1000 PT 1000Mbps Quad Port Bypass Server Adapter Card
  Intel Pro/1000 PT IBM 46K6601 Dual Port PCIe Gigabit Network Adapter
  Mellanox ConnectX-2 HCA-30025 HCA 700Ex2-Q-1 Single Port QSFP 40Gb/s InfiniBand
  4X 1200W

We’re expecting it will take some time to get everything up to speed and integrated into our workflow, but the end result should be much better than what we have now. Your continued patience is appreciated!

(Update) Here are some pictures of the new server!



Preview: UNSTABLE and Upcoming TrueOS STABLE update

A fresh UNSTABLE release is dropping today, with a few key changes:


General Updates


  • Nvidia/graphics driver detection fixes.
  • Boot environment listing fix (FreeBSD boot-loader only)
  • Virtual box issues fixed on most systems. There appears to be a regression in VirtualBox 5.1 with some hardware.
  • New icon themes for Lumina (Preferences -> Appearance -> Theme).
  • Removal of legacy pc-diskmanager. It was broken and unmaintained, so it is time to remove it.


The current plan is to let folks play with the UNSTABLE updates over the weekend, then push a STABLE update early next week. Here’s a preview of the STABLE update for users installing fresh from updated installation media:


Installer/.iso Changes (Available with new STABLE Update)


  • The text installer has been removed. It was broken and unmaintained, so it is time to remove it.
  • There is now a single TrueOS install image. You can still choose to install as either a server or desktop, but both options live in a single install image now. This image is still available as either an .iso or .img file.
  • The size of the .iso and .img files is reduced about 500 Mb to around 2Gb total. We’ve removed Firefox and Thunderbird from the default desktop installation. These have been replaced with Qupzilla and Trojita. Note you can replace Qupzilla and Trojita with Firefox and Thunderbird via the SysAdm Appcafe after completing the TrueOS install.
  • Grub is no longer an installation option. Instead, the FreeBSD boot-loader is always used for the TrueOS partition. rEFInd is used as the master boot-loader for multi-booting; EFI partitioning is required.
  • Qpdfview is now preinstalled for pdf viewing.
  • Included a slideshow during the installation with tips and screenshots.