What’s happening?


The Hyatt Regency Columbus in Ohio is hosting Ohio Linuxfest 2017 from September 29-30! Ohio Linuxfest is one of the top Open Source conferences/gatherings in the Midwest, welcoming industry professionals, enthusiasts, and anyone else interested in the whole “Open Source” thing. TrueOS contributors will be there, representing not only TrueOS, but FreeBSD and iXsystems too. We’ll be talking Lumina 2 and FreeNAS 11, not to mention any of our other projects which you find interesting. We’ll have booth T5 starting at 5 pm Friday the 29th and from 10 am – 6 pm on Saturday the 30th. Stop by, say hello, and take some of our swag!


See our presentations!


Dru Lavigne and Ken Moore are both giving presentations on Saturday the 30th. Sit in and hear about new developments for the Lumina and FreeNAS projects.

Ken is offering Lumina Rising: Challenging Desktop Orthodoxy at 10:15 am in Franklin A. Hear his thoughts about the ideas propelling desktop environment development and how Lumina, especially Lumina 2, is seeking to offer a new model of desktop architecture. Elements discussed include session security, application dependencies, message handling, and operating system integration.

Dru is talking about What’s New in FreeNAS 11 at 2:00 pm in Franklin D. She’ll be providing an overview of some of the new features added in FreeNAS 11.0, including:

  • Alert Services
  • Starting specific services at boot time
  • AD Monitoring to ensure the AD service restarts if disconnected
  • A preview of the new user interface
  • support for S3-compatible storage and the bhyve hypervisor


She’s also giving a sneak peek of FreeNAS 11.1, which has some neat features:

  • A complete rewrite of the Jails/Plugins system as FreeNAS moves from warden to iocage
  • Writing new plugins with just a few lines of code
  • A brand new asynchronous middleware API


Who’s going?


Attending this year are:

Dru Lavigne (dlavigne): Dru leads the technical documentation team at iX, and contributes heavily to open source documentation projects like FreeBSD, FreeNAS, and TrueOS.

J.T. Pennington (q5sys): Some of you may be familiar with his work on BSDNow, but J.T. also contributes to the TrueOS, Lumina, and SysAdm projects, helping out with development and general bug squashing.

Ken Moore (beanpole134): Ken is the lead developer of Lumina and a core contributor to TrueOS. He also works on a number of other Qt5 projects for iXsystems.


See you there!


We hope to see you next week. Thanks for using TrueOS and supporting the Open Source community!