Last Friday (5/5/17), a few of the TrueOS/Lumina devs held a live Q&A session on Discourse. I’ve reproduced a few of the questions and responses here, but be sure to check out the full Q&A thread on Discourse. A huge “Thank You!” to all our users and developers who participated!


Current Issues


Q: When will full disk encryption and the FreeBSD bootloader go together?

A: We are still waiting on the patches which adds this functionality into the FreeBSD bootloader to get committed upstream in FreeBSD itself.
One of the tickets in phabricator which is still waiting for review/commit is this:
It references a number of other tickets which seem to imply a large portion of code needs to be refactored first – which is why it is taking a little while.


Q: Will the next installer image have the option to select the graphics driver to be used for installer menu and installation? (As that option was dropped with the last image due to dropping the text-based pre-menu.)

A: Yes, the new installer is intended to be more compatible with a generic fallback driver by default allowing the user to select a proper drive in the graphical installer. We hope this achieves the same functionality as the text installer by also presenting what we detect as the best option, and allowing the user to override. We also hope this eliminates many of the “I cannot boot the TrueOS installer at all” category of issues.


Q: Is it or will it be possible to take snapshots of specified folders? As far as I’ve seen the life preserver only let’s me click “snapshot” but not specify so that not all folders are monitored.

A: The life-preserver utility in the background does have the capability to setup snapshot schedules for individual datasets, but the UI’s do not expose that functionality – mainly because if you don’t use the “full” snapshot system then you cannot use the “restore system” function within the TrueOS installer to recover your system later.


Future Work


Q: When will the (Lumina) Window Manager be released?

A: Lumina WM status update:
* Does it build? YES
* Does it run? YES
* Does it manage windows? PARTIALLY
* Does it lock/secure the session? YES
* Does it have a pretty interface? NO (have not imported the interface stuff from the current version yet – just has the background wallpaper stuff right now)


Q: Will you incorporate the Lumina Archiver into Lumina (e.g. easy access via right-click menu with a choice of compression options) like KDE incorporated Ark?

A: Adding special menu options for launching lumina-archiver from the Insight file manager is definitely possible, and would not take too much work. If you make feature request about that on the Lumina github repo, we will try to get that implemented before Lumina 1.3.0 is released.


Q: I asked it before and got the feeling that the answer seemed to be no (but wasn’t a definite no to my knowledge), but will “Classic Backup”* ever come back? *aka lumina-archiver takes a snapshot of the home-folder and stuffs it into a compressed file (or takes it out of such a file) in a way that the user does not have to care about writing writes and so on).

A: We don’t have any plans on the “classic” backup ever coming back, and lumina-archiver was written to kind of fill that “gap” in functionality. There was a lot of special hacks in the old “classic backup” system which I really did not want to propagate into the newer systems since they are not “future-proof” solutions.





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