After testing the UNSTABLE push over the weekend, the devs are happy to release a new STABLE update and installation files today! This update consists of two parts: installer changes for those who install TrueOS fresh, and general updates for systems with TrueOS already installed. To install TrueOS fresh, the latest (labeled 2017-4-21) .iso and .img files are available here.


Here are the major changes in this STABLE update:


Installer/.iso Changes


The big change in this STABLE update concerns the TrueOS installer itself. We no longer provide separate “server” and “desktop” images, and instead have moved to a unified “TrueOS” installer. Here are the details:

  • There is now a single TrueOS install image. You can still choose to install as either a server or desktop, but both options live in a single install image now. This image is still available as either an .iso or .img file. Additionally, we’ve streamlined the installer:
    • We removed the “text install” option. Currently, we can’t maintain it, and some breakage issues exist.
    • Because the “text install” option is removed, we also reworked the installer to remove the initial boot menu and instead boot directly into the graphical installer. Also, the installer now restarts the system when the “Finished” button is clicked.
    • We removed Firefox and Thunderbird from the default installation packages and replaced them with Qupzilla and Trojita. This reduces the ISO size by an additional ~500 Mb. Now, the ISO is about the same size (2 Gb) as the previous non-graphical “server” image. As always, you can install Firefox and Thunderbird from our package repositories post-install.
    • GRUB is no longer an installation option. Instead, the TrueOS partition uses the FreeBSD boot-loader. For multi-booting, rEFInd is now the master boot-loader. However, rEFInd does require EFI partitioning.
  • Qpdfview now preinstalls for pdf viewing.
  • We’ve added a slideshow during the installation with tips and screenshots.

These changes continue to streamline the TrueOS project. It is now smaller to download and easier to install. We are also looking into additional ways to reduce the number of packages that TrueOS installs and hope to continue culling the Linux-based libraries and packages to provide a more stable and secure FreeBSD-based system.


General Updates


  • Nvidia/graphics driver detection fixes.
  • Boot environment listing fix (FreeBSD boot-loader only)
  • Virtual box issues fixed on most systems. There appears to be a regression in VirtualBox 5.1 with some hardware.
  • New icon themes for Lumina (Preferences -> Appearance -> Theme).
  • We removed the legacy pc-diskmanager.