A new update for TrueOS-STABLE is available as of 2/22/17 (apologies for the late announcement). This update brings in a number of bugfixes and functionality improvements, along with a few “big-ticket” items.

Brief Changelog


  • packaging upgrading.
  • Lumina 4k wallpaper bug.
  • dbus service status bug.
  • Imported upstream OpenRC patches for service supervision/status.
  • Fixes to SysAdm service (now allows stopping the supervised service).
  • FreeBSD-examples upgrading bug.

Services Added:

  • plexmediaserver
  • open-vm-tools
  • musicpd
  • iocage
  • tcpproxy
  • miniupnp
  • isc-dhcpd34

Other Updates:

  • Qt version updated from 5.6.2 to 5.7.1
  • Multiple minor package updates
  • New about tool improvements (Thanks Graham Perrin!)
  • The entire package repository is synced with FreeBSD as of Feb 19, 2017.
  • The new Automounting feature is available!
  • The pc-mounttray utility has been retired in favor of the new devd-based automounter and autofs.
  • New Jail utilities are available.


This new feature allows autodetection and mounting of inserted usb devices. It also automatically unmounts usb devices when the user ceases accessing the device. See the blog post on automounting for more details about this useful new feature.

New Jail Utilities

New jail utilities jbootstrap (requires being run once to fetch base packages), jinit, and jdestroy are available. These support OpenRC development and add other functionality. See the blog post on these new jail utilities for more details.


Want to help shape TrueOS jails and general development? Jump into any of our community channels and let us know what you think! You can also contribute directly, shaping TrueOS for the future.