The TrueOS Project is NOT changing its name. There’s already a CoreOS and they’re pretty cool too! 🙂

The TrueOS Project has some big plans in the works, and we want to take a minute and share them with you. Many have come to know TrueOS as the “graphical FreeBSD” that makes things easy for newcomers to the BSDs. Today we’re announcing that TrueOS is shifting our focus a bit to become a cutting-edge operating system that keeps all of the stability that you know and love from ZFS (OpenZFS) and FreeBSD, and adds additional features to create a fresh, innovative operating system. Our goal is to create a core-centric operating system that is modular, functional, and perfect for do-it-yourselfers and advanced users alike.

TrueOS will become a downstream fork that will build on FreeBSD by integrating new software technologies like OpenRC and LibreSSL. Work has already begun which allows TrueOS to be used as a base platform for other projects, including JSON-based manifests, integrated Poudriere / pkg tools and much more. We’re planning on a six month release cycle to keep development moving and fresh, allowing us to bring you hot new features to ZFS, bhyve and related tools in a timely manner. This makes TrueOS the perfect fit to serve as the basis for building other distributions.

Some of you are probably asking yourselves “But what if I want to have a graphical desktop?” Don’t worry! We’re making sure that everyone who knows and loves the legacy desktop version of TrueOS will be able to continue using a FreeBSD-based, graphical operating system in the future. For instance, if you want to add KDE, just use sudo pkg install kde and voila! You have your new shiny desktop. Easy right? This allows us to get back to our roots of being a desktop agnostic operating system. If you want to add a new desktop environment, you get to pick the one that best suits your use.

We know that some of you will still be looking for an out-of-the-box solution similar to legacy PC-BSD and TrueOS. We’re happy to announce that Project Trident will take over graphical FreeBSD development going forward. Not much is going to change in that regard other than a new name! You’ll still have Lumina Desktop as a lightweight and feature-rich desktop environment and tons of utilities from the legacy TrueOS toolchain like sysadm and AppCafe. There will be migration paths available for those that would like to move to other FreeBSD-based distributions like Project Trident or GhostBSD.

We look forward to this new chapter for TrueOS and hope you will give the new edition a spin! Tell us what you think about the new changes by leaving us a comment. Don’t forget you can ask us questions on our Twitter and be a part of our community by joining the new TrueOS Forums when they go live in about a week. Thanks for being a loyal fan of TrueOS.

Best Regards,