A new, very small hotfix to the update mechanism released today/yesterday. We believe there was breakage from the ino64 FreeBSD work merged into UNSTABLE that was causing TrueOS updater issues. After some heavy tinkering, the patch to fix the updater is functional and applied to both the STABLE and UNSTABLE update tracks! This update is installed whenever the updater itself checks for updates. It may not trigger an update notification from the built-in SysAdm Update Manager.


This is a small hotfix to adjust the way in which the updater bootstraps itself and updates a TrueOS system. Because this is an updater fix, users may see their system update twice: once for the updater fix and once again for any broken/outstanding updates to the system itself. Please give feedback in our issues tracker or Discourse forum if you are still encountering problems with the updater after today, 7/24/17.