TrueOS Automated ChangeLog

Wed Dec 28 15:37:48 PST 2016

Large update to network startup code. Import from FreeBSD's /etc/rc.d/netif only slightly updated for some OpenRC functionality. This should allow alias to work again, as well as fix a variety of regressions.

Fixes: trueos/trueos-core#222

Tue Dec 13 13:02:09 PST 2016

Add post install option to always boot verbose by default.

Tue Dec 13 09:59:07 PST 2016

Add improved support for starting and stopping jails via OpenRC

Now jails will spawn sub-services, so you can do

And so forth

Tue Nov 15 08:35:51 PST 2016

Welcome OpenRC to the build! This replaces rc.d as our run-control and will allow using things like parallel startup, new service files, and much more.

While here, fix installing rc.h and einfo.h twice via pkgs

Tue Sep 20 12:42:12 PDT 2016

Add prelim support to personacrypt for PEFS+SYNCTHING

This will allow setting up a PEFS encrypted home-directory along with a SyncThing target of the encrypted contents. When exporting and importing the user setting, the SyncThing Client ID's and folder ID's will be preserved, alowing the linking of a users $HOME directory between more than one system.

Tue Sep 20 11:52:28 PDT 2016

Add support to PersonaCrypt to import/export PEFS type encrypted home dirs.

Tue Sep 13 06:34:09 PDT 2016

Add polling option to fix sound for some HDA devices.

Tue Sep 13 06:18:31 PDT 2016

Add amdgpu (radeon) support to installer for testing

Fri Sep 9 08:38:38 PDT 2016

Fix the icon used for the new service manager.

Wed Sep 7 08:36:11 PDT 2016

Add in the beginning of a new CORE for connecting to a FreeNAS systems through the SysAdm client.

Tue Sep 6 17:22:06 PDT 2016

Add PEFS support to personacrypt. This means you can have an encrypted home-directory without external media using the PEFS framework.

Keys are split into two (as with GELI), with a passphrase and key fragment on disk. Be SURE to backup or print out the key fragment on disk.

Support for PCDM will be added soon(ish)!

Mon Aug 29 19:39:43 PDT 2016

Add a new bora_blue_4k fluxbox theme for we can use on HiDPI monitors + Lumina

Changelog: YES

Sun Aug 28 09:28:34 PDT 2016

Improve the wording around asking if the user wants to install into an existing ZFS pool

Fixes #7

Fri Aug 5 07:45:55 PDT 2016

Fixed time synchronization with OpenNTPD.

Fri Aug 5 04:57:29 PDT 2016

Disable the initial xorg manual detection routine on the install media and use the official auto-detection chain instead. Also remove the "failsafe" mode since there are already menu options for vesa and scfb to be used directly.

Thu Aug 4 17:57:12 PDT 2016

Add sysadm to TrueOS Server

Thu Aug 4 18:02:56 PDT 2016

Add sysadm to TrueOS Server install.

Thu Aug 4 15:32:12 PDT 2016

Make the default xorg option on install media use X's built-in auto-detection. Add a new "failsafe" menu option to fall back to the old TrueOS configuration routines.

Wed Aug 3 13:29:09 PDT 2016

Add details to changelog

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