TrueOS® is an innovative, modern, and server-based downstream fork of FreeBSD.

All of the packages needed for a fully functional server OS are included out of the box, and the installer makes it simple to set up TrueOS on your system. Desktop environments may be downloaded and installed via the package management (pkg) system. Download TrueOS by clicking one of the buttons below. For additional TrueOS images, including legacy desktop versions and files, click “Browse Downloads”.

TrueOS Stable (Current Release: 18.12)

Long-term release track with a 6-month release schedule. Most packages are updated on a monthly basis. Security updates for the base system are released as needed.

TrueOS Unstable

Rolling-release track. This integrates the absolute latest in FreeBSD development. This includes package changes, bugfixes, and experimental features which may result in irregular behavior.

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