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TrueOS is a FreeBSD based project that aims to make BSD accessible to the masses through it’s innovative and easy to use features.

The TrueOS team is directly involved with helping the FreeBSD project through code commits upstream, documentation writing, and advocacy at different types of conference events. The TrueOS team has set up a sponsorship fund that will help us reach more people and help spread the word about bringing BSD to the desktop. We at the project would like to offer our sincere thanks in advance for your consideration on sponsoring TrueOS.

Whether you want to reward the developers for a new feature with a cup of coffee, or support the project as a founding community member through a recurring monthly sponsorship, we will certainly make sure your gift is put to good use. It’s important to know that the TrueOS project is not incorporated as a 501c(3) at this time, so sponsoring the project is not tax deductible. If you can’t give a monetary gift at this time, please consider giving some of your time to volunteer at FreeBSD and TrueOS related events. We’re also looking for help with ongoing development, and spreading the word through advocacy.

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